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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School is a global institution that embraces innovation, nurtures entrepreneurial mindsets, promotes social responsibility, and retains deep connections to the Greater Bay Area.

Our full-time and part-time master’s programmes deliver practical skills and modern business strategies to enhance graduates’ know-how and competitiveness in this new global economy.

Our Master's Programmes

CUHK Campus Landscape

CUHK has the largest, most scenic and sustainably designed and maintained campus in Hong Kong, complete with modern learning facilities and cultural, sport, social and other amenities. The University provides a range of academic facilities and resources as well as useful support services that enhances students’ learning and living throughout their study period at the University.

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Studying at CUHK Business School

With world-class faculty and cutting-edge research, CUHK Business School continues to nurture nimble leaders, entrepreneurs and social stewards. Our proud network of over 45,000 alumni driving meaningful impact in the Greater Bay Area, Asia Pacific and beyond.

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