Campus Support

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) campus is built on a hillside and is the largest and the most stunning in Hong Kong. Most of this area is covered in greenery which is nicely carved out of rocks on three plateaux, and nestled among the greenery are tasteful buildings featuring a mix of Chinese and Western architectural styles. The CUHK campus is a famous haven for many varieties of flora and fauna which great care has been taken to protect and enhance. It also commands panoramic views of the Tolo Harbour and mountain ranges nearby.

From a one-stop student IT Portal, libraries, learning enhancement programmes, health care to career planning and many other services, CUHK provides full academic and personal support to its postgraduate students on campus.

The CUHK Library

The CUHK Library is a leading research library in East Asia, and it has a significant bilingual collection of electronic and print resources. Its mission is to partner in the creation, access, dissemination and preservation of knowledge to inspire and support CUHK in its research, learning and teaching. The CUHK Library works closely with faculty and students, and has strong collaborative links with other university libraries in Hong Kong, Greater China and internationally.

CUHK Library comprises the University, New Asia College Chien Mu Library, Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library, United College Wu Chung Library, Li Ping Medical Library at the local teaching hospital, the Architecture Library, and the Lee Quo Wei Law Library.

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Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

To assist students to explore and experience different aspects of university life and to make the best out of it, the Office of Student Affairs provides a variety of activities and services. These include supporting student activities and student bodies, services for non-local students, mental-wellness promotion as well as career planning and development. This aims to enhance students’ potential development as well as their holistic personal growth.

Learning enhancement service and off-campus housing information are available to help non-local students to tackle adjustment issues and provide information related to rental accommodation outside of CUHK campus.

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Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC)

ITSC supports the one-stop university portal MyCUHK which allows personalized access to cloud email services, library services and the Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) for managing personal study particulars. ITSC also provides IT facilities, on and off campus network, eLearning systems, online trainings and workshops.

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Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR)

CLEAR organises the Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) programme with an aim to introduce the approaches, methodologies and framework to equip the work of researchers in a formal and structured manner; to advance the University’s excellence and scholarship in teaching and learning; and to equip postgraduate students with essential skills and knowledge for their research.

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University Health Service

The University Health Service provides on-campus medical, dental and health promotion services to full-time students. Our medical team includes full-time doctors to provide comprehensive family medicine care to the University members. The health clinic is equipped with a minor operating theatre, a dispensary, a medical laboratory and a physiotherapy unit to provide primary medical and dental care services. Medical services are generally free of charge, while the Dental Unit charges a nominal fee.

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Sports Facilities

Fun and Fitness provide much needed balance to work and study. CUHK and its Colleges offer a wide variety of sports facilities, including stadiums, gymnasia, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, fitness rooms and a Water Sports Centre. The Colleges also provide barbecue sites for hire by staff and students.

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