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What our alumni say

Our alumni are passionate about collaborating with each other and with current students, continuously expanding our network of deep connections and influence in business and society.

Elena Fang
Master of Accountancy 2022
Management Associate, HSBC

Joining the MAcc programme is one of the best decisions I’ve ever had. The programme offered me comprehensive accounting knowledge and data analysis skill, which can be practically applied to a business work setting. I appreciate the flexibility of the programme so I was able to do a full-time internship onsite in Hong Kong and at the same time attend courses at night and weekends. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I hence had so many chances to class with part-time students, which inspired me with new insights and an angle of thinking. The MACC faculty are super supportive, especially in career building and job hunting, and I wouldn’t be able to make my career without that. It has been a valuable experience studying at CUHK MACC and I would never regret it.

Nira Xi
Master of Accountancy 2022
Manager, Industrial Bank Co.,Ltd.

The MAcc programme offers us comprehensive and systematic accounting curriculums, as well as the opportunities to participate in other majors’ courses and international exchange programs. Not only the accounting knowledge system can be built, but only can understand knowledge from other professional areas and hot topics in the industry. Teachers and classmates organize different kinds of team building, alumni, mentor-mentee activities to help us expand social networks. Although the courses are completed, helpful teachers and like-minded friends we met in the process, and the attitude of breaking through all difficulties will be beneficial for life.

Lely Liu
Master of Accountancy 2020
Service Management, Tencent

The MAcc programme has opened the door for me. Recognized by top-notch employers, the programme provided me with more career choices in different industries, including finance and internet. In a challenging year, I not only gained essential knowledge in accounting and finance but also developed a different way of thinking about business, technology and society. Besides, the professors were always willing to help and gave us invaluable insights. I also found that I learnt a lot from my classmates from diverse backgrounds. I appreciate that the CUHK experience brought more possibilities to my life and get my career started.

Diane Sohn
Master of Accountancy 2020
Financial Reporting Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Korean, a mother of two, and a full-time employee at one of the largest global investment banks. A combination like this can rarely be found in the student profiles at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School. Yet Diane Sohn quickly adapted to life as a ….
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Olivia Yu
Master of Accountancy 2019
Management Associate, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

The MAcc programme equipped me with accounting knowledge and skills through well-designed curriculum. The professors are not only willing to share their knowledge, but also to provide their valuable insights about career and life. I also joined the oversea study tour to Switzerland and several corporate visits that blew my mind and opened more possibilities for me to rethink my career path. It is also a precious experience to learn from my classmates, who are supportive, self-motivated and with diversified backgrounds.

Chi-kit Wong
Master of Accountancy 2018
Assistant Manager, KPMG

My student days at the MAcc programme offered me the valuable chance to deepen my business knowledge and the time to broaden my intellectual horizons. The programme also provided me the opportunity to meet and interact with diverse groups of professors, lecturers, staff, students and alumni from different financial sectors. All the learning experience has equipped me with not only the essential and up-to-date accounting and finance knowledge, but also the way of thinking which helped me to build a career in one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. The time in CUHK is forever an unforgettable and meaningful moment for me.

Benjamin Ho
Master of Accountancy 2017
Solicitor in a private law firm

“I joined the MAcc programme and completed the QP of the HKICPA after practising as a solicitor for over 10 years. The skill set required for the legal profession is very different from accountancy, but both require an aptitude for critical analysis. This programme offered rigorous analytical training while providing invaluable knowledge and skills.”

Jonathan Chung
Master of Accountancy 2016
Analyst, Structured Finance, VMS Investment Group

“The programme has afforded me an opportunity to build a career in financial services where it would have been nearly impossible otherwise. It has provided not only an academic and theoretical perspective, but a deeper and practical insight into the daily issues often faced in the work setting, whether you are in the front-end or back-end. It has been an invaluable experience that has provided me with the tools to really progress my career forward.”

Zhaoxi Li
Master of Accountancy 2015
Assistant Vice President, China Construction Bank (Asia)

“The MAcc programme will equip students with the essential knowledge needed for a successful career in the financial world, including extensive training in accounting and finance, useful job hunt sharing from alumni and great internship exposure. Many of the professors are experienced practitioners in the field.  I am also grateful for the well-designed and flexible Programme structure, which allowed me to take two unforgettable internships in PwC and The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. I felt so lucky to make a group of good friends and we treated each other as family members. ”

Vivienne Yang
Master of Accountancy 2014
Senior Associate, Huarong International Asset Management Limited

“During my internship with PwC Hong Kong, I was involved in three audit projects across different industries – transportation, bakery and technology. This gave me a comprehensive overview as well as deeper analytical skills that I still rely on in my current job. The career workshops gave practical tips like dress code and business writing that I find useful for maintaining good relationships with clients today.”

Carmen Wong
Master of Accountancy 2013
Assistant Assessor, Inland Revenue Department

“Unlike other taught master’s programmes which focus only on theoretical accounting training, the Programme places a lot of emphasis on applications. The group projects are based on real problems faced by listed companies.  I was able to master core accounting concepts and have them applied to contemporary business problems. The programme was intense but highly rewarding.  Not only did it build my accounting knowledge that prepared me for the QP exam, but it also helped me win the HKICPA scholarship.  The academic enrichment, facilitated by intellectual exchange among classmates from a diversified background, and the friendships made throughout the programme have been a truly enjoyable experience.”

Jin Jin
Master of Accountancy 2013
Manager, Corporate Clients, ING Bank

“What attracted me to this Programme was its high-ranking.  CUHK’s School of Accountancy is recognised by top-notch employers, including the Big Four accounting firms. Also, Hong Kong is one of the best places in terms of career opportunities for business graduates. I liked the Programme because my professors were all genuinely interested in helping us accomplish both our career and academic goals.”

Alumni communities

We have a strong and active network of alumni in Hong Kong and in Mainland China, who regularly meet with students at networking events, alumni buddy programmes and community service activities.

Alumni contribution award

The Alumni contribution award recognises graduates who have contributed to the MAcc programme in a significant way, and is presented at the annual graduation dinner reception.

All graduates of the MAcc and PDPA programmes are eligible for this award, and we will consider those who have made significant contributions in the following:

  • Supporting internship recruiting, graduate placements or other career support
  • Sharing expertise and career advice
  • Organising and supporting a range of programme activities
  • Offering financial or scholarship support

The award is open for nominations from current students, graduates and faculty members. Please contact us if you would like to make a nomination for the Alumni Contribution Award.



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