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Koe Shern (Malaysia)
MSc in Management 2019

“Before the CUHK MSc in Management degree, I was an accounting student.  Accounting students oftentimes look only at the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, but now my vision has expanded.  The possibilities are endless: I could get into consulting, I could get into banks, maybe even work in sustainability. The CUHK Master’s programme gives us opportunities and  access to a strong careers team, who continually assist us in achieving our professional goals during our programme.”

Bill Tung (Taiwan)
MSc in Management 2019

“With my BA degree in the liberal arts, I needed to acquire more business knowledge to stay competitive in the job market. The design of the MSc in Management is a perfect fit to service businesses, and to find the career I’m searching for. Its curriculum also appealed to me, especially the Capstone course, where we will be part of a consulting group, solving a real-life business case in an emerging market.  This is all very exciting.  It’s a great opportunity to learn and get a taste of what it’s really like in the business world.”


Josephine Pun (Macau)
MSc in Management 2019

“The powerful and extensive alumni network at the CUHK Business School helps us stay connected to alumni globally and supports our professional endeavours. The guest lectures and industry expert seminar chat series provided valuable networking opportunities with successful business professionals that hailed from a variety of backgrounds.   The connections we make at the CUHK Business School are an integral and valuable part of our degree.”


Chris Li (China)
MSc in Management 2019

“The combination of high-quality courses, supportive career coaching, and great networking opportunities have guided me to my dream job offer!”

Carina Li (China)
MSc in Management 2019

“The MiM programme enables me to view business problems from various perspectives, which is critical for me to be creative and outstanding during interviews.”

Scarlett Xu (China)
MSc in Management 2019

“MiM provides sufficient career support. Everyone here can be your mentor, they will lead you to the career path that best suits you.”



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