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As a student of CUHK Business School, you will have access to our global network of 40,000+ diverse, active and influential alumni. We offer opportunities to build friendships and mentorships among students and alumni as part of our commitment to nurturing business leaders with an Asian focus and a global vision.

Our alumni network includes:

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  • 59 Alumni representatives in 26 locations

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What our alumni say

Our alumni are passionate about supporting each other and current students, continuously expanding our network of deep connections and influence in business and society.

Rita Zhou
MSc in Finance
(Full-time) 2014
Associate, Corporate Finance, Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking

“Coming from a non-financial background, I took this programme to enter the finance world. It was an intensive year, but the programme was taught in a well-structured way and offered me a platform to grow. I met excellent classmates from different backgrounds, my professors and tutors provided invaluable personal and academic support, and I received continuous training from our Program Career Service, who also sent me updates on the latest job market news. Now, thanks to CUHK, I’m working in my dream job.”

Carlos Cheng
MSc in Finance
(Full-time) 2014
Associate, China IBD, Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited

“This intense one-year programme gave me a head-start in pursuing a successful career in the competitive Hong Kong job market by providing both solid academic knowledge and personal soft skills. I particularly enjoyed the various group projects based on real business cases which helped me tackle interviews and cultivate strong analytical skills that are beneficial to my banking career.”

Ethan Zhao
MSc in Finance
(Full-time) 2017
Asset Management Analyst, China Securities International

“This programme gave me a memorable year filled with knowledge, insights and teamwork, and helped shape my skills and pave the way for my career. The courses and tutorials shed light on both profound theories and cutting-edge developments in the finance industry, covering various genres. I was successful in getting this job because of the alumni mentorships, the access to industry leaders and the helpful career support this programme provided. I’m grateful to have met such talented professors, tutors and friends.”

Vincent Chen
MSc in Finance
(Part-time) 2017
Manager of Operations, Guangdong Investment Limited

“The MSc in Finance was both challenging and rewarding. The course structure was designed well, with core courses covering fundamental knowledge and a wide range of elective courses nurturing our further development interests. Through case studies and group projects, I was able to study the latest updates in financial theories and industrial practices, while cultivating my analytical skills and finance acumen. I also learnt a great deal from my classmates, as we all came from different cultural and professional backgrounds.”

Sally Zhang
MSc in Finance
(Part-time) 2017
Finance Manager, Commerce and Compliance, Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited

“The MSc in Finance gave me comprehensive knowledge and skills in finance, as well as in-depth market insights. Thanks to the expertly designed course structure, I was able to develop my interests with different elective courses and learn from both academic professors and industry practitioners, who helped me approach specific issues from different angles. This programme has given me lifelong benefits.”

Hugo Chong
MSc in Finance
(Part-time) 2015
Associate, J.P. Morgan

“The MSc in Finance gave me a solid foundation in both advanced financial theory and best industry practice. It also provided opportunities to make connections with leading professionals and make friends with an outstanding group of peers.”



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