Master of Science in Information Science and Technology Management (Subject to University Approval)

Integration of information science and business management

In today’s globalized marketplace and knowledge-based society, advancement in information technology is fundamental to success. The MSc in Information Science and Technology Management (MSc in ISTM) is a curriculum-evolution of the long-established full-time programme of MSc in Information and Technology Management. It is designed to equip students with business and management principles and practices of information technology as well as in-depth related technical knowledge and broad business skills for pursuing a successful career in many parts of the world.


With synergy of the strength from the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics (DSE Department), CUHK Business School and the Department of Information Engineering (IE Department), Faculty of Engineering, MSc in ISTM covers topics of latest developments in both theories and applications of information science, technology, and business management, such as big data management, blockchain, business intelligence, fintech, information security, internet of things, project management, social media analytics, etc. The programme provides solid training to students while accommodates their different interests and background.

Key Facts

Programme commencement
The first cohort of MSc in Information Science and Technology Management will commence in September 2023, subject to University approval.

Full-time: 12 months

Entry requirements
– A bachelor’s degree with at least second-class honours or grade B from a recognised university, or an equivalent professional qualification.
– Please also see our GMAT/GRE and language proficiency requirements.

Language of instruction
English (Cantonese and Putonghua may be used in Advanced Information Systems Practicum.)

The tuition fee for the academic year 2023/24 is HK$280,000.

The application period targets to commence in October 2022. Details will be announced when admission is open.

Curriculum (2023-24)

MSc in ISTM is for graduates with an engineering or business background, who want to acquire both the cutting-edge IT proficiency and gain a solid foundation in technology management.

To complete the programme, you will need to attain 30 units of coursework, comprising of 4 required courses, 3 option core courses and 3 elective courses equivalent to 3 units each.

Programme schedule

Full-time programme (1 year)

PRE-TERM | August (orientation activities and/or foundation course)
1ST TRIMESTER | September-November
2nd TRIMESTER | December-March
3rd TRIMESTER | March-June

Course list

  • Required courses (Total 4 courses / 12 units)

    Offered by DSE Department
    • Strategic Information Systems
    • Statistical Analysis

    Offered by IE Department
    • Software Design and Development
    • Data Communications and Networking

  • Optional core courses (Total 3 courses / 9 units)

    You should take three courses from the six optional cores (at least one course from each department).

    Offered by DSE Department
    • Business Intelligence Techniques and Applications
    • Database and Big Data Management
    • Project Management

    Offered by IE Department
    • Cryptography, Information Security and Privacy
    • Data Science in Practice
    • Internet of Thing and Smart Applications

  • Elective courses (Total 3 courses / 9 units)

    Offered by DSE Department
    • Advanced Information Systems Practicum
    • Fintech and Its Applications
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Blockchain and Its Application
    • Selected Topics of Information and Technology Management

    Offered by IE Department
    • Emerging Communication Technologies
    • Technology Strategy
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Emerging Topics in Information Engineering
    • Any ONE 3-unit IEMS-coded course offered by MSc Programme in Information Engineering, subject to seat availability and approval by respective Programme Directors.

    Offered by CUHK Business School / Faculty of Engineering
    • You may take any course up to 3 units offered by other Master’s programmes under CUHK Business School or Faculty of Engineering, subject to seat availability and approval by respective Programme Directors.

Graduation requirements

Your performance is assessed based on exams and assignments, according to CUHK’s grading system.

To graduate, you must complete the prescribed coursework and achieve a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.50.
Students who obtain a cumulative GPA below 2.50 in the term assessment will be put on academic probation. If the probation is not lifted after two consecutive terms, the student will be required to discontinue his or her studies.

Students who receive a grade D+ or below in a course must repeat the course or take an approved substitute course.

Dean’s List

Students in the top 20 percentile who achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or above are eligible to be on the Dean’s List. These students will be issued a Dean’s List Certificate and the honour will be recorded on their academic transcripts.