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Our network of 1,000 MScITM alumni are passionate about collaborating with each other and with current students, continuously expanding our network of deep connections and influence in business and society. If you would like to connect with ITM Alumni Association, you can email to

Fabian Nguyen
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Full-time) 2020
IT Trainee, KfW Banking Group (German Development Bank)

“Being from Germany and having studied in the USA and Germany before, I decided to continue my education in Hong Kong to broaden my view of the world and to specialise in information technology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The MSc ITM programme offered exactly what I was looking for: lectures and group projects on a vast variety of IT and digitalisation topics, conducted by highly experienced and passionate instructors. What I loved most about the programme was the diversity of students in the class. Working on group projects with classmates from different backgrounds was a great experience. From my time in this environment, I have grown a lot and gained a more global view of the world. I strongly feel that the programme has prepared me perfectly for a career in the IT industry and has given me insights into how to have a meaningful social impact.”

Ming Yung
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2020
Product Manager, China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch

“Information technology has underpinned the evolution of the Internet from a tool to a new real economy, and the ITM programme is well-designed for those interested in technology-based industries. One of ITM’s great strengths is the practicality of its courses. Project Management, IT Security, Database Management and Data Analysis provide a skillset essential to our daily work. Getting to know so many interesting and professional people is another rewarding part of ITM. Through the programme, I had the opportunity to get to know professors, industry experts, start-up founders and talented classmates who helped me grow tremendously. If you want to become a Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Project Manager or Product Manager, I think ITM will fit you well.”

Nicholas Wong
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2020
Solutions Consultant, Google (Hong Kong) Limited

“As a Finance graduate working at a tech company, I have always wanted to broaden my skillset and knowledge in Information Technology, which brought me to the MScITM programme. The programme offered so much more than I had imagined; not just a wide array of courses on various subjects and topics, but also tremendous support via online tools and on-campus technology to ensure the top-notch delivery and quality of education for students across online and offline platforms. Through the programme, I have gained coding and technical capabilities and have sharpened my business acumen. In addition, courses on trending topics such as FinTech and the Smart City have definitely helped me understand the current tech landscape, which has enabled deeper conversations with my clients and partners. ”

Xiuye Zhu
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Full-time) 2019
Research Assistant,China Finance 40 Forum-Shanghai Finance Institute

“For me, coming from a finance background, knowledge of information technology has helped me to expand my cognitive boundaries and enrich my practical abilities. The curriculum of the ITM programme is varied. ‘Information Systems Analysis and Auditing’ was particularly helpful for understanding information systems. Courses on databases and business intelligence enabled us to execute our ideas with different tools, such as Python. ‘Strategic Information Systems’ even helped me to develop some ideas on smart cities and e-payment for participation in the Tencent Financial Innovation competition.”

Yammi Chan
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2019
Manager (Financial Infrastructure), Hong Kong Monetary Authority

“Studying in the MSc ITM was a positive life-changing experience for me. Having completed the programme, I have greater confidence in my career path in this revolutionary digital era. I also met talented people with common interests, and enjoyed and valued sharing knowledge with others.”

Alex Law
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2019
Director (Information Technology), UBP SA

“Working full time while following a part-time study programme is never an easy journey, but I am grateful to have received so much help from the professors and teaching assistants. The course teachers shared their technical knowledge and also their experience in the industry, which made the lectures fun and fruitful. The ITM programme also serves as a platform to gather classmates from different backgrounds and expertise. Not only do we have a chance to share our past experience and knowledge, but also to deepen friendships in the classroom and library. The program might be over in two years, but the relationships and connections will last forever. ”

Alvin Ko
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2018
Manager, Technical and Operation Support, DP World Asia Holdings Limited

“The MSc ITM program is the best choice for part-time students like me who are looking for a flexible learning curriculum with a balance of work and study. Students come from different industries and have varied expertise. The course project pulls us together to share knowledge and exchange ideas to tackle the challenges. I met many new friends and broadened my horizons in this program, which is a great learning experience and highly recommended for both tech and non-tech people.”

Sophia Xie
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Full-time) 2017
IT Analyst, IT Solutions

“The one-year course at CUHK is short but comprehensive, providing not only basic knowledge about IT, but also soft skills that are useful for work such as project management, data management and supply chain management. Moreover, what we learned through the program was practical and up-to-date with developments in the IT industry. Most of all, the program has brought me a group of wonderful friends with whom I can learn from and grow up with.”

Manly Ng
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2017
Project Manager, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

“In this programme, I was able to participate in starting a new business. I learnt to understand people’s needs, brainstorm innovative ideas, create prototypes and manage implementation. This course provides theory as well as real cases, real business models and real start-up stories shared by inspiring guest speakers. The most valuable message I received was that ‘the IT business exists to bring happiness to people through technology, not just to make money.”

Rosita Leung
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2017
Internal Audit Manager, Telstra Global

“Technology is the backbone of successful business. Coming from an accounting background, I wanted to boost my career with IT expertise. This programme gave me a grounding in IT, an understanding of data and project management and opportunities to execute my start-up ideas. I highly recommend it, even for those without a technical background.”

Thomas Fung
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2016
Training Programme Manager HK/TW, Apple Inc.

“Taking the MScITM at CUHK was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every part of the programme, from the exciting orientation camp to the eye-opening field trip to Silicon Valley, has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. I’m grateful for our course instructors, who gave me refreshing ideas, crucial skills and new perspectives – all of which are helping me solve the challenges that arise at work.”

Chris Kwok
MSc in Information and Technology Management (Part-time) 2015
Principal Solutions Architect, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“CUHK’s MScITM programme helped me build a managerial mindset and vision, which has prepared me to overcome new challenges in my profession. I would recommend the this programme to any IT expert looking to climb the management ladder and advance their career.”

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