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Our network of 1,000 MScITM alumni are passionate about collaborating with each other and with current students, continuously expanding our network of deep connections and influence in business and society. If you would like to connect with ITM Alumni Association, you can email to

Rosita Leung
MSc in Information and Technology Management(Part-time) 2017
Internal Audit Manager, Telstra Global

“Technology is the backbone of successful business. Coming from an accounting background, I wanted to boost my career with IT expertise. This programme gave me a grounding in IT, an understanding of data and project management and opportunities to execute my start-up ideas. I highly recommend it, even for those without a technical background.”

Thomas Fung
MSc in Information and Technology Management(Part-time) 2016
Training Programme Manager HK/TW, Apple Inc.

“Taking the MScITM at CUHK was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every part of the programme, from the exciting orientation camp to the eye-opening field trip to Silicon Valley, has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. I’m grateful for our course instructors, who gave me refreshing ideas, crucial skills and new perspectives – all of which are helping me solve the challenges that arise at work.”

Chris Kwok
MSc in Information and Technology Management(Part-time) 2015
Principal Solutions Architect, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“CUHK’s MScITM programme helped me build a managerial mindset and vision, which has prepared me to overcome new challenges in my profession. I would recommend the this programme to any IT expert looking to climb the management ladder and advance their career.”

Ervin Chan
MSc in Information and Technology Management(Part-time) 2014
Senior Web Developer, The Walt Disney (APAC) Company

“This programme taught me how technology aligns with business to create value and drive growth, and inspired me to contemplate my company’s strategy. It also helped me work more effectively with my teammates. Everything I learnt in the MScITM has proved very useful in my career.”

Sabrina Sun
MSc in Information and Technology Management(Full-time) 2013

“I found the lectures and discussions very thought-provoking and valuable. Interacting with senior management of world-class companies during our time at Silicon Valley gave me a fresh perspective on how to break boundaries and innovate. What I learnt in the MScITM programme has qualified me for previously unavailable jobs.”

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