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As a student of CUHK Business School, you will be instantly connected with our 34,000-strong alumni network. With access to influential business leaders in a variety of industries all over the world, you will be able to create mutually rewarding relationships that last a lifetime.

Our alumni network includes:

  • 11 Alumni Associations
  • 5 Alumni Chapters and Networks
  • 41 Alumni Ambassadors

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What our alumni say

Our alumni are passionate about collaborating with each other and with current students, and work together to continuously expand our network of connections and influence in business and society.

Serena Li
MSc in Marketing 2017

“This programme has given me a solid foundation in marketing, with practical skills that I continue to apply in the workplace today. It also helped me improve my interview skills, presentation skills and software know-how. I was inspired by my excellent professors and talented classmates, who helped me uncover my potential.”

Lynn Cheng
MSc in Marketing 2016
Brand Manager, Tencent Group

“I joined Tencent as a brand manager after graduating from the MSc in Marketing. As a digital marketer, I found the learning experience very valuable. I learnt cutting-edge skills in big data marketing and strategic planning from great professors and industry leaders, which I now apply on a daily basis to everything from campaign creation to omnichannel media buying.”


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