A solid foundation for a successful future

The MSc in Sustainable Global Business programme provides a strong foundation for those pursuing careers in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability management.

Our graduates are equipped with professional knowledge and skills to analyse complex sustainable business challenges from strategic management perspective, understand the global and Asia-specific sustainability management issues, and more. They are also well-acquired with a multi-domain and creative thinking in achieving sustainable development goals.

We strive to help all students discover their potential and give them the aspiration and means to fulfil it.

Personalised career support

To help you prepare for a rich and rewarding career, we invest significant resources in career support. We arrange practical workshops on all aspects of the job hunting and application process, as well as comprehensive and personalised career advice and coaching, such as one-to-one or small group mock interviews.

We also organise experience sharing and networking sessions with alumni and industry professionals.


Where our graduates work

With the demand for talent proficient in both ESG/Sustainability and strategy management soaring, opportunities are everywhere. Potential roles after graduation include ESG Strategy Consultant, Sustainability Positions in a variety of industries including Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Utilities and Retail, and Corporate Branding Specialist.


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